Enjoy English and Our Principles


At Enjoy English we are proud to live and work by our principles and to show the children who come to us that respect for others and the environment is important for their well-being and their future.

For this reason we provide local and organic fruits for the children at teatime and we explain the importance of eating seasonally and healthily.  Sharing and waiting their turn is insisted on as well as tidying after themselves.

We make efforts to reduce printed hand outs, use both sides of the paper and we recycle all paper and plastic products as well as composting fruit and vegetables to reduce waste.  Lights are only used when necessary.

At Enjoy English we encourage team spirit and aim to promote kindness to others, sharing and responsibility for acts and words. Being open-minded to the ideas and cultures of others is promoted.

Competition is encouraged between teams and never individuals to avoid any feeling of failure.  Of course any potential mockery or cruelty that can occur when children are in groups is forbidden and dealt with immediately.

We believe that children should stay innocent and should never be involved in any commercialization of any nature.  That is why you will never see any Enjoy English personnel outside the school gates giving publicity to children.  For us this is exploitation of children’s vulnerable impressions and we judge that it is unfair to market or communicate to children.  The parents of the children who come to us are our clients, never the children.  They are the learners.

At Enjoy English we believe in the respect for other people’s opinions. That includes children and adults so please feel free to give us yours in any way you like, telephone, e-mail, blog or of course in person.

See you soon and thank you for your attention.

Luisa Miller

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2 réponses à Enjoy English and Our Principles

  1. Antoine Guidez dit :

    Enjoy English c’est apprendre une langue dans la bonne humeur, avec des jeux et des activités parfaitement animé par un couple très chaleureux. Le cadre de travail est idéal pour les enfants, beaucoup de couleurs et de gaîté dans cet univers British. Bref,une réelle bouffé d’oxygène pour vos enfants.

  2. Carine dit :

    Une super expérience pour les enfants, le concept est génial et permet aux enfants d’apprendre l’anglais tout en s’amusant! Je recommande fortement enjoy english si vous souhaitez proposer des activités hors du commun à vos enfants!

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